A Marketer’s Guide to Keyword Stemming (and Not Keyword Stuffing)

When I started writing content ten years ago, this type of sentence was the standard: “Splash Down water park is one of many things to do Poughkeepsie NY.” Sometimes we’d spell “Poughkeepsie” wrong to account for typos. Writers would include “things to do Poughkeepsie NY” 10x in a 300-word article – keyword stuffing was encouraged. Marketers didn’t care about improper English; they cared that people…

Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Let’s get right to it: loyal customers are more valuable to your business than not-yet-acquired or un-loyal customers. Well-executed customer loyalty programs pay themselves back over time. Unfortunately, a lot of brands set up loyalty programs and convince customers to sign up, but they don’t see any results. Read More

The 4 Bad Personality Traits That Can Help You Do Your Job Better

We all have an idea of what the perfect worker looks like. They’re usually polite, on time, responsible, and productive – a potent combination. However, there are also a number of so-called bad personality traits. On the surface, they’re considered ‘negative.’ However, they can actually be an asset to both the employee and their company. Read More

Headless E-Commerce: Everything You Need to Know

While there are many plugins available to turn your WordPress site into a fully-functioning online store, they can potentially take a toll on your site’s performance. A ‘headless e-commerce’ solution – that separates your site’s front end from its e-commerce functionality – can help. This guide will provide an in-depth explanation of what headless e-commerce is, and the pros and cons of using it. We’ll…