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This is the complete walkthrough to one of the best WordPress page builder, called WpBakery. In this article, I will be going to demonstrate you each and every aspect of WpBakery plugin. Stay tuned and read every bit of this article to grasp the understanding of the page builder.

Popular CMS – WordPress

WordPress is a widely used CMS nowadays. Lots of people are learning WordPress to create their dream Website. But the problem with WordPress is that it does not come up with a comprehensive page builder.

We have to go for free plugins available in the WordPress repository or go for the premium ones.

One Stop Shop

Page builders give you the ease to make different layouts for your website without writing a single piece of code. Bunch of features will also reduce the plugin quantity of your website. Having more plugins on your website is not a good practice.

is’nt it great? Yes it is.

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There are other page builders available in the market. Like Elementor and Site origin.

Despite having good ratings by the users, WpBakery stands first in the race.

Helpful Features

It has a number of features that will really help you to make your layout more attractive. It’s “Row” layout provides you an easy way to customize modern design techniques.

Drag and Drop Functionality of WpBaker plugin

From the drag and drop functionality, you can create any kind of complicated layout. Moreover, It has both front-end and back-end editors. You can take advantage of any of the editors, while the development of the same website.

With a few knowledge of how a page builder works you can master your website without the need of a developer.

That’s for our clients, I recommend WpBakery plugin. After watching some basic tutotrials you can easily construct your page, change images, edit content, shuffle sections efficiently.

Alert: WpBakery is not Visual Composer

At very first, I would like to highlight few differences from which we several times decieve, just because of the similar UI/Functionality or less knowledge.

  • WpBakery plugin refers to as a page builder and Visual composer refers to as a website builder.
  • Wpbakery plugin has both front and backend editors where as Visual Composer has only front end editor./li>
  • Both are compatible with any theme of WordPress and works properly without any conflict
  • WpBakery plugin is used by 4,30,000+ people and it’s cost only $45
  • Where as Visual composer costs around $59/year

Let’s dissect each and every aspect of WpBakery Page Builder now.

Working with Row Component

After adding a post or page, click backend editor tab. After that click Add Element to add “ROW” component. Here you can see different layouts available for the section that you are about to create.

I will now create every possible layout available in the Row component.

Instead of clicking the Element tab repeatedly, I will duplicate it from the above right section mentioned in the screenshot below.

Now you can see there are 12 possibilities to setup layout.

I will put a text block to see how it looks.

Click + sign to add text block as mentioned in the screenshot.

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