Let us be frank. The simple answer to can you still make money blogging today? is absolutely, 100% yes. The better answer, however, is it depends or even sure, if you work really hard. Don’t let that reality discourage you. In fact, we are starting out that way to set your expectations so that we can talk candidly about the realities of being a blogger these days. Because you can make money blogging, and you can make enough to live off of. You just have to work for it and not expect to be a runaway success and give up when (not if) it takes a while to gain some traction.

Two Things to Keep in Mind

The first: you’re not Neil Patel, Gary Vee, Leo Babuta, or Pat Flynn. You never will be. And that’s okay. What you are, though, is a creative, well-intentioned, talented human being who is ready to carve out your own niche and get your own piece of the blogging pie.
You just need to keep in mind that you aren’t competing with the big names. You aren’t competing with the small, medium, or other-sized names, either. Our content manager Nathan B. Weller tells us all the time that a rising tide lifts all boats. So as we get started on walking through the pragmatic ways you can make money blogging, we ask that you keep that in mind.

The likelihood of becoming one of the top 1% of blog earners is unlikely. But because folks are out there who do, the stage is set for you to pick up a few methods that will put money in your pocket (or PayPal account, more accurately).

The second thing that we want to stress is that overnight success isn’t something that really happens. Especially overnight. For every smashing, breakthrough success you hear about, there are tons hours and months and years put into that project that you don’t hear about. So while it is 100% realistic that you can make money blogging, we have to stress that you have to do the leg work before you’re rolling in bitcoin.

That’s what we’re here for, though. To help you through that part.

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