How to Get Approved Your UPWORK Profile 2018

The world has now changed. We have lots of competition. Previously a few years back, I remember that on ELANCE or ODESK easily gets your profile approved and you start working straight away and getting paid easily. Few freelancers, few clients, and the World were happy. But now a day’s more and more people are getting aware of earning as a freelancer on the Internet. Thousands of people are now approaching per day to get involved in this field. But this is the era of survival of fittest. You have to work hard with so much accuracy and in so many efficient ways to standout in thousands of people around you with the same skills.

Have you started using AMP in your WordPress websites?

This question arrived when I was thinking to write 2nd article for my Blog KodeGems. I started to search on the internet and I found a very useful thing for both my article and for my website and i.e AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). I have browse figure out how to implement AMP. It comes with many benefits that I will be covering in this article.…

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Easy Guide to Start Your Career as a Front-End Developer in WordPress

Front-end development is one of the most evolving fields nowadays. A number of languages applications are now been geared up to make a place on the top of the list. From which, WordPress (Content Management System) is one of the most influential application acquiring most of the categories of the website development. So this is the right time to make your career in WordPress as…