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Complete walk through to a best wordpress page builder

This is the complete walkthrough to one of the best WordPress page builder, called WpBakery. In this article, I will be going to demonstrate you each and every aspect of WpBakery plugin. Stay tuned and read every bit of this article to grasp the understanding of the page builder.

Popular CMS – WordPress

WordPress is a widely used CMS nowadays. Lots of people are learning WordPress to create their dream Website. But the problem with WordPress is that it does not come up with a comprehensive page builder.

We have to go for free plugins available in the WordPress repository or go for the premium ones.

One Stop Shop

Page builders give you the ease to make different layouts for your website without writing a single piece of code. Bunch of features will also reduce the plugin quantity of your website. Having more plugins on your website is not a good practice.

is’nt it great? Yes it is.

Check out how to write successful blogs

There are other page builders available in the market. Like Elementor and Site origin.

Despite having good ratings by the users, WpBakery stands first in the race.

Helpful Features

It has a number of features that will really help you to make your layout more attractive. It’s “Row” layout provides you an easy way to customize modern design techniques.

Drag and Drop Functionality of WpBaker plugin

From the drag and drop functionality, you can create any kind of complicated layout. Moreover, It has both front-end and back-end editors. You can take advantage of any of the editors, while the development of the same website.

With a few knowledge of how a page builder works you can master your website without the need of a developer.

That’s for our clients, I recommend WpBakery plugin. After watching some basic tutotrials you can easily construct your page, change images, edit content, shuffle sections efficiently.

Alert: WpBakery is not Visual Composer

At very first, I would like to highlight few differences from which we several times decieve, just because of the similar UI/Functionality or less knowledge.

  • WpBakery plugin refers to as a page builder and Visual composer refers to as a website builder.
  • Wpbakery plugin has both front and backend editors where as Visual Composer has only front end editor./li>
  • Both are compatible with any theme of WordPress and works properly without any conflict
  • WpBakery plugin is used by 4,30,000+ people and it’s cost only $45
  • Where as Visual composer costs around $59/year

Let’s dissect each and every aspect of WpBakery Page Builder now.

Working with Row Component

After adding a post or page, click backend editor tab. After that click Add Element to add “ROW” component. Here you can see different layouts available for the section that you are about to create.

I will now create every possible layout available in the Row component.

Instead of clicking the Element tab repeatedly, I will duplicate it from the above right section mentioned in the screenshot below.

Now you can see there are 12 possibilities to setup layout.

I will put a text block to see how it looks.

Click + sign to add text block as mentioned in the screenshot.

How to write most successful blogs using WordPress

Successful blogs need tons of research, accuracy, and planning. Lots of research and manpower involves writing a blog that gives profit to end-user.

Stay tuned with me and read this article till the end.I will be going to tell you tips and tricks to write successful blogs for your website using WordPress.

This is the starting phase of my blogging career. Switching from the Software development field to blogging is never ever be a great decision but who knows what comes next for me.

What Successful Blogs mean?

successful blogs means
  • This is one of the way to earn enough amount of money monthly without having a full-time job.
  • It’s all about sharing past experience and knowledge with millions of people around the globe.
  • This is the construction of self-identity. More people will start to know you with the help of your quality blogs.

Don’t Lose hope

I started in 2016 and continuously did wrong. Purchased a domain, worked on it, failed to generate traffic and decided to quit.

After that, I figured out that there is a problem in selecting the niche of the blog.

Google’s Expert Opinion Matters

Google Expert

Then I visited the Google Adsense forum for more clarity about the niche. I asked some of the points for which they are accepting blogs. What are the pinpoints of a successful blog that will give you profit in the future?

My efforts ended in smoke and I chose another niche for my blog but, that also was a political one. They again turned down my request for the Google Adsense approval and then I again part ways from the blog writing.

Its never too late to find a New World

In 2019 after some research I started again with new hope to figure out all issues and start my successful blogging career. I found a number of ways to make blogging successful that I will highlight in this article ahead.

Things to do for Successful blogs


Your goal should be world wide. Today my goal is to reach millions of people to make them educated regarding blogging and ways to earn money online.

Don’t Hassel and stay consistent

Blog writing with building an audience is a consistent process. It’s not an overnight process. It needs stability and patience.

First of all, know what you can do. What is your capacity? Is there anything in the world that you can able to describe in content. In the future, will you not be fed up y writing on the same niche?

Consistency is the key. Make your habit to post on time. Mark your calendar and do it. If you are even posting one post in a week than stick with it. Make your second post publish at the same time. Don’t wait just do that.

Start Giving benefits to Others

Your ultimate goal is to provide a knowledge base benefit to others. Your blog or a blog post should be something that people are searching for. People surf the internet for their queries. You should be a problem solver to them.

Selecting a Niche

Then do research for your desired niche. What kind of topics people are searching for nowadays.

You can build or have enough knowledge to write it down for thousands of people to read.

According to Google Adsense forum’s experts, your niche should be unique and people are searching for it and you get enough visitors on your blog.

Select best domain and hosting providers

Research for popular domain and hosting providers. For domains always go for .COM extension as this will impact globally. But if you want to make your content more relevant to your area or country, you can also do that.

I believe Goddady, Hostgator and Bluehost are on my top of the list.

Famous hosting providers will not have much DNS issues. They have good uptime and customer support as well.

Social Media Tactics

Social Media Tactics

One of the great saying
“The more time you spend dabbling on social media, the less time you spend creating epic content.”

Do not opt for more than 2 social media platform to market your content.

Opt for a few and stick with them. Do good marketing of your conten, that your voice shall reach to thousands of people.

Use WordPress for Your Site

Wordpress is a famous and most comprehensive blogging tool for your website. It has enormous power to publish your content on the web.

It is SEO friendly. Its permalink structure is great for SEO purpose. Lots of tutorials and free plugins available to set up a complete blog.

WordPress is easy to use and very much easy to handle your all sort of content for example text, images, SEO etc.

You can buy or download page builders to custom layout your website. Elementor and Wpbakery plugins are good example of custom layouting of a WordPress page.

Engage your Visitors

Engage visitors

Make your website engaging enough that the user would like to stay on your website.

Use infographics, eye-catchy images from which the visitor would love himself to stay more.

You can also do it by different popups, you can use GIFs, youtube supporting videos would also be a huge plus for you.

Gather Emails

Start gathering your visitor’s emails in the shape of the newsletter.

Whenever you publish a new article send them through a newsletter. This is another way to reach your audience and make better your SEO.

Leaders are the Readers


Make your habit to read blogs and books. Spent most of the time reading others blog. This will give you more knowledge and in this way, you can share what you have from others.


More blogging will let you understand SEO techniques as well. Have some basic SEO tutorials as well. Learn On-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinking and last but not the least learn Google Analytics as well. From which you can see what sort of audience are you building up. What kind and age of people are coming to your website and what they are searching for.

Do Keyword Reseach for you successful blogs

Keyword Research

Here is the practical example of keyword research.

I decided to write a blog on “How To Write Most Successful Blogs Using WordPress”. I took “Successful Blogs” as keyword and research it on ubersuggest.

If the search volume is below 1000 you can go for it and start working on it.

Write around 1000 words of the article. Use your desired keyword in your content.

Use H1 tag only ones in the post.

Use h2 tag for your other headings. And also please use your keyword in the heading as well.

Link others content and your content as well. Internal linking is also very much fruitful to engage your visitors.

Do not Stop

Your first blog will be horrible. Your second one will be bad. Your third one will be good and so on. It’s a matter of time. Do not lose hope. Keep writing. More you write, more your blog will be fine.

Do not care, what the people are saying. Keep your self steady and keep writing your experience and share knowledge.


  • It’s not an overnight process to turn the tables over.
  • Do keyword research.
  • Do SEO.
  • Use WordPress.
  • Consistency is the key.
  • Market your content.
  • No bunch of social media platforms. Stick with one or two.
  • Create a list of your visitors by asking them to subscribe with the newsletters.
  • Your vision is to benefit visitors.
Please share your thoughts by writing below in the comment section. What you think, what should be the key points to write successful blogs?

Some of the Basic Tutorials of WordPress

How to change password of a user in WordPress

As we know WordPress is the popular CMS (Content Management System) nowadays. And more than that it has been evolved in recent past years as a greatest blogging heaven to bloggers. As it is of 30% of the web, WordPress has also become the best place for the attackers too.

This is my screenshot of Wordfence report today. This is around 1week attackers or bot activity.


So this obvious to have some safety precautions and if you are locked out or forgot your password or if you want to reset it. Simply follow these steps and figure out the solution for you. There are 3 ways to reset the admin/current/users password of your WordPress website.

Solution Number # 1

By logging into the dashboard of your website you can easily change the password. Follow these steps and get your password changed straight away.

Step 01– Login to your dashboard
Step 02– Go to edit profile
Step 03– Go to generate password and hit update profile.

Edit Profile

Solution Number # 2

If you have some awareness about the MYSQL environment so you can do it easily from there. You just need a Cpanel password to do the following steps into the database and change the password easily

Step 01– Login to Cpanel and goto the database associated with your WordPress website.
Step 02– hit Ctrl+f to find the table named something like “USER” or “WP_USER”
Step 03– Edit that user and change the password and do not forget to make encryption to MD5

hit go and you are done.

Solution Number # 3

If you have forgotten the admin panel password and you remember the admin’s email so you can change the password as well by following three steps easily

Step 01– Go to
Step 02– hit forget password and write admin’s email address
Step 03– By email, you will have the change password link, click the link and set your new password.


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